Get The Sun In YOur Head

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More than 1.000.000 streams for "Get The Sun In Your Head" !!!

Update (Dec. 30 / 2020): This song had been streamed more than 1.000.000 times in all versions on all platforms (spotify, youtube...)

Single Release "Get The Sun In Your Head" by GLIFFO:

release date: Feb. 15th 2019


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The Gliffo story:


The Newcomer artist (who never wrote a song before in his life) whistled a melody in his smart phone and sended it to a Berlin based music producer - some months later the good mood song "Get The Sun In Your Head" (based on this melody)  hit the Amazon Charts! (Germany & Italy)


The music video got more than 100.000 views in less than 4 weeks...


... a lot of music magazines and bloggers are featuring Gliffo

... many radio staions put the song on their playlists

... the "HiFi pope" Christoph Schürmann discovered the song and is using it for HiFi demonstrations...



quote: "I’ll be fairly surprised if you’re able to walk away from the song without that key line running through your mind. Fortunately, the concept is one of beauty and positivity – the very idea of Get The Sun In Your Head is wonderful, inspiring, and precisely the sort of positive influence we can always use more of in music and art.


For any songwriter, this is an easy alternative hit. For an absolute debut it’s all the more interesting. Hopefully that creative muse strikes again and we get to hear much more music from Gliffo."


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reviewed by Stereostickman Music Magazine


quote: "In the latest release, ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’, the highly-talented Gliffo showcases to us just why he is the name to follow in the world of music with top-notch energy, splendid production and a tuneful vibe that will have you hooked from the get-go for weeks and months to come." ...


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reviewed by SoundOfNow (british music magazine -


quote: "If you listen to the song ‘Get the Sun in your Head’ by Gliffo you will most likely think that this artist has been writing hits for years, if not decades, but in fact this is a debut in every way - Even though it is hard to believe, Gliffo has never before written a song! " ...


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reviewed by Tanbay (music blogger)

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Screenshot from Feb. 15th 2019
Screenshot from Feb. 15th 2019
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Screenshot from Feb. 19th 2019