Island Of Tears (Gliffo)

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The new single "Island Of Tears" (an ear catching Reggae with Rock elements) is available now. The single hit the German Amazon Charts and reached position 1 in Reggae!(see screenshot below)


GLIFFO is featured artist at Reggae Ireland Radio


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Quote: "The way the artist Gliffo and his producer Jörg Sieghart were able to fuse reggae and rock so skilfully is very impressive: one believes this kind of music mix has always existed.


The ‘Island of Tears’ sound is groovy and the melody very catchy. Gliffo’s sonorous voice (he not only speaks but also sings the deeper voices) and Selin Akbaba’s (studio singer) and Jörg Sieghart`s (producer/guitar player) vocals make the whole song perfect.


Towards the end of the song the final refrain is overlaid with a kind of spherical e-guitar sound that creates goose bumps."


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A few days after the release (Sept. 20th 2019) "Island Of Tears" reached Pos. 1 in the German Amazon Charts (category Reggae). Furthermore the single hit the Top 10 in other music categories..