Saide (sad song)

NEWS: TOP10 in THE MTV-USA Spotify Charts

NEWS: "Saide (sad song)" reached the TOP 40 Charts on the US Radio "Hits You Love)"

These lines from Chigaco (Radio DJ) reached us:

"The running water sound along with the piano at the start of the song has a nice effect. In fact, the music is epic. I'm feeling the vocals. It reminds me of Melvin Franklin from the Temptations, and that's a compliment. Promoting this release will be my pleasure."


German radio stations put the song as well on their playlists...

Beside the international (english) version, there is the original version by Gliffo in German.


"Saide (Abschiedslied)"


Listen to the original version on Spotify.

Credits / studioproduction and assistance:



Markolf Ehrig: violin, organsiation string ensemble

Marijn Seiffert: violin

Petr Matejak: violin

Andreas Feldmann: violin

Martha Windhagauer: viola

Raphael Grunau: viola

Cehie Kim: cello

Liron Yariv: cello

Pablo Santa Cruz: doublebass


Benny Hiller: Falsett vocal solo

Selin Akbaba: backing vocals

Hein Schneider: piano

Jörg Sieghart: acustic guitar and acoustic bassguitar, percussion (HiHat), backing vocals, music notation, organisation,  sound engineering, mix & mastering (Tunesday studio Berlin)



Magdalena Sieghart: fotos & organisation

Volker Greve: sound engineering /  Greve-Studio (string recordings)

Hein Schneider: sound engineering /  Greve-Studio (string recordings) / video camera operator

Marco:      video camera operator & studioassistance

Dénes Gottschalk: video camera operator & studioassistance


Gliffo & string ensemble by Konzerthaus-orchester Berlin / Greve Studio
Gliffo & string ensemble by Konzerthaus-orchester Berlin / Greve Studio